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VOLUNTEER ROLES (adaptive waterski specific)

General volunteer

This is an essential role and a great starting place for many volunteers. Some tasks might include:

  • Assisting with equipment

  • Helping skiers get ready (promoting independence wherever possible)

  • General motivation & encouragement from volunteers – new skiers can often be anxious



  • We never send a skier (or skiers) out without a trained observer on the boat

  • The observer is responsible for the safety of that skier (or skiers)

  • This role should be discussed in greater detail in a practical setting

  • A separate training presentation gives information on the boat set-up and safety procedures

  • An observer must complete a minimum of 3 training sessions on the boat with a qualified driver before being signed off


Assistant Instructor

  • The assistant instructor is there to assist the lead instructor

  • That can mean assisting them on-land with the equipment set-up as well as on the water helping them support the skier

  • You need to be a fairly confident skier before starting the on-water training to become an assistant instructor. The training includes mock-up scenarios, the lead instructor will decide when it is safe for a new assistant instructor to start supporting disabled skiers. The time this takes differs for each individual


Lead instructor

  • Becoming a lead instructor takes a lot of practice & time on the water with different skiers

  • It can't all be taught in a couple of sessions, but can only come from experience seeing various challenges & potential solutions

  • The lead instructor is responsible for the on-water safety

  • The lead instructor is responsible for the skier assessment & equipment set-up


Jetty Management

  • Coordinates the ski list

  • Communication between the skier(s) and boat crew

  • Prepares equipment & helps get the skiers ready



  • All our drivers have a minimum Ski Boat Driver Level 2 qualification from British Waterski & Wakeboard and hold a current First Aid certificate

  • In addition to that, they have had experience driving specifically for disabled skiers & riders


COMMUNICATION IS KEY for all volunteer roles.

Between the person on the jetty, the instructors, the observer, the driver & of course the skier.


Having knowledge of the disability awareness, adaptive equipment & skier assessment sections delivered as part of our training is important for all volunteer roles

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