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I was free, I was alive!

What an incredible week away! I have had the most amazing week away, spending it with top quality friends. 15 people, 15 stories and 1 giant messed up family formed! there were laughs, there were tears (good and the bad) and there was a million memories made. There were no limits, no barriers and just acceptance.

I cruised the blues, raced the reds and bashed a black, I hit the fun runs, terrain park and glided in the powder. I was free, I was alive and I was experiencing pure happiness. I was pushed out of my comfort zone, pushed myself to my limits and experienced an unexpected blessing.

None of this would have been possible without the amazing charity access adventures. Whilst getting minimal support here in the local community, they have given me the opportunities to regain confidence, learn new skills and experience the joys of living through adaptive sports.

The volunteers were amazing picking me up off the floor, helping on chairlifts and being the cheer leaders I needed. The fellow friends who each smashed up the mountain each day, partied hard and laughed til we cried.

Whilst life can truly suck and seem so unfair, there is also hope, support and good times to be had. Whilst we all face battles everyday, some more obvious than others, these battles can be overcome and the joy of living can be found.

I can't wait for the next season to tear up the slopes again, but in the meantime I guess its time to plan the next adventure and see where life heads next....

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