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It's a wrap! First ever Access Adventures camp completed

The Access Adventures crew arrived to a rather gloomy looking lake to set up for our first ever activity camp. However, as participants began to arrive, the drizzle stopped, the clouds cleared and we were treated to a beautiful evening and stunning sunset. Some say the sun only shines on the righteous, in this case they were correct!

On Saturday we woke up to more sunshine and everyone was raring to go. We'd managed to set most people up with the correct adaptive equipment on Friday evening, which meant we had the first skier kitted up and rea

dy to go on the jetty at precisely 10am! We couldn't be more grateful at how many volunteers turned up to help, it meant the whole process ran very smoothly which allowed the participants to have as many skis as their energy would allow!

We never tire of seeing the look of sheer joy and exhilaration on someone's face after they've experienced water skiing for the first time. Alongside people we were introducing to the sport, there were also some who had skied before but wanted to further their progression. It's always incredibly beneficial to see someone who's further down the line than you, as it inspires you to progress and gives you the visual aid to achieve that goal. The day was rounded off nicely with a delicious BBQ and music round the warming firepit.

On Sunday the weather wasn't quite as kind to us, but the fact that we're still willing to go out and brave the elements proves the resilience British people have, and we still return with a smile on our face!

We hope that the participants enjoyed the camp as much as we did. For some, it was the first thing they'd done since sustaining a spinal injury, the sense of achievement and increased confidence was obvious. We can't wait for the next one now!

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